In the course of my travels I have grown accustomed to meeting fellow Slovenians in the strangest of places, whether they were walking across the Gobi desert, wreck-diving in the Philippines or building ships in Sulawesi. For a country of only two million people we seem to have a great knack for travel and adventure.
I’ve also grown accustomed to the fact that most non-Europeans (and many Europeans) who thought they knew where Slovenia was were in fact thinking of Slovakia. Continue reading


I’m flying home tomorrow, exactly 16 months after I landed in Teheran at 3AM on a cold November night and started my journey.

I’m excited and nervous in equal measure, unsure how many of the changes in me will survive a return to familiar environments, uncertain of the future until the Gods of Academia at Humboldt University reach their verdict and absolutely giddy at the thought of finally getting my hands on a delicious Nobel burek.

A post-mortem of the trip will follow, probably, once 16 months’ worth of travel has been digested, pared down, streamlined and satisfactorily packaged into a single Experience. Might take a decade or so, who knows. For now trying to look back at the past almost-year-and-a-half in its entirety is enough to give me vertigo, so I think I’ll keep a safe distance at least until I make it onto the plane.
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A Postcard From Altyn Arashan, Kyrgyzstan

The sun’s rays have not yet hit the mountaintops as we stumble down the rickety stairs and collapse onto the hard wooden benches surrounding the dining room table, lured out of our warm beds by the promise of free pancakes.

At 6:06 on the dot an alarm goes off in the kitchen and Valentin bustles into the room to the tinny sounds of Beethoven’s für Elise, carrying a plate of steaming pancakes and a pot of black coffee, chuckling at the sight of our sleepy faces.
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TREKKING IN LADAKH: Getting Your Bearings In Leh

Leh, the capital of Ladakh and the epicentre of tourism in the area, is a nice place to stay for a couple of days while getting acclimatized and organizing your trek, with all the trappings of a cosy backpacker bubble (German bakeries! Hello to the Queen!), a handful of good bookshops and a number of day trips that can easily be done with public transport. Continue reading