Why Rambling Days?

Ramble (verb)


1. to move aimlessly from place to place,  to explore idly.

2. to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion.

Because I believe that the most direct way is not always the best one and writing is about more than just getting your point across.

Also because Cat Power’s cover of Ramblin’ (Wo)man is wonderful and because I feared that acumberbitchabroad.com might limit my audience.


So, you’ve got a travel blog now, fancypants?

Aaaam… maybe. No. You tell me!

It’s a blog, in that it’s a (more or less) regularly updated website written by yours truly.

But it might not be a very good blog. For one, my posts are much longer than the recommended 1,600 words. Secondly, and consequently, I don’t post as often as I’m supposed to. And, lastly, I’m god-awful when it comes to networking, online or otherwise, and still view social media as little more than a necessary evil.

But that’s fine. Because I’m interested in travel writing, not travel blogging, which are only rarely one and the same.

So yes, it’s a travel blog of sorts. But don’t expect me to write about the Top 5 Things to do in Bangkok any time soon.


Why Iran to Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of my favourite parts of the world – as a traveller, SCUBA diver, gado-gado enthusiast and wannabe anthropologist. It was the regional focus of my studies, so that I might take off as soon as I got my degree under the pretence of “going to Indonesia”. That was about as far as my planning got when my dad announced his plan to ride his motorbike from Slovenia to Yemen in the autumn after my graduation, and invited me to join him in Iran – and hey presto, here we are.


Which is your favourite country?

I’ve been asked this for as long as I can remember, and still struggle to come up with a useful answer – it’s like having to choose a favourite child. Or, worse, a favourite book!

My preferences change with my moods but, gun to my head, I would go with Iran, Nepal, Indonesia, Syria (of my memories)  and India (when I’m not hating it).

I also love the Ecuador and Myanmar of my childhood memories, but am yet to experience them as a traveller in my own right.


Don’t you ever get lonely travelling alone?

Sure I do. But, despite what the world would have you think, loneliness is not actually fatal and I, for one, quite enjoy the occasional tussle with the beast.



This FAQ is a work in progress. What did I leave out? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comment section!

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi Kaja,

    I’m from Indonesia and now staying in Jakarta. When do you plan to visit Indonesia & how’s your agenda? Please do contact me if you need any guidance or companion. I will be glad to help 🙂


    • Hi Amadea, thanks for the offer! I’ll first be hitting Jakarta mid-November en route to Sulawesi. It would be great to see city from a local perspective – I have to admit that I’ve so far only ever been there jet-lagged and very grumpy 🙂

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