So. Hello!

This is me, down there, just below. This was back in the 90’s, when I could get away with that outfit without being called a hipster.

Making friends in Myanmar, 1995

Making friends in Myanmar, 1995

I have grown a bit since that picture was taken.


So who am I? Without getting too existential, here are the basics: my name is Kaja, I’m Slovenian and have been calling Berlin my home for a couple of years before I decided to indulge my congenital wanderlust and go travel for a couple of years.

As the daughter of a travel writer and a journalist I filled my first passport with visas and stamps from all corners of the world before I lost the last of my baby teeth.

Now, twenty years and some 50-odd countries later, I have a full set of teeth, a couple of long solo trips under my belt and a BA in cultural anthropology that does a great job of disguising my chronic Wanderlust as academic zeal.

Back in 2014 I used my anthropology degree as an excuse to spend 16 months travelling alone from Iran to Indonesia, which is when this little blogling was born. As soon as that trip ended another one began, as I moved to back to Berlin, then Buenos Aires, and finally New Delhi to pursue my degree in (aptly named) Global Studies.
Needless to say, it’s been a crazy couple of years.
Now I’m back in Berlin, writing my thesis and having a breather. I have also just purchased a couple of beautiful maps so that I can plan my next adventure.

Travel, to me, is many things: a lifelong companion, a decision and a compulsion, as magnificent as the star-filled sky above the Namib Desert and as mundane as doing the laundry and losing a couple of socks in the process, again. It’s the uneasy joy of being alone in a strange place and the frustration of never being able to have all my books with me. It’s the desire to bear witness to the world in all its guises and the guilt of being one of the lucky few that have the opportunity to do so.

This blog was born out of a desire to approach travel from a new perspective, connect to the people and places in a more meaningful way and tell of the world as I see it – not a tired pastiche of Us and Them, evil terrorists, friendly natives and exotic backdrops, but rather a complex, wild, ever-changing glorious mess of endless possibilities and no direct answers.

Let’s explore it one story at a time.




Not sure where to get started? I guess this selection of my favourite stories would be as good a place as any.

If travel-related navel gazing is not really your thing and you’d prefer some real answers, thankyouverymuch, check out my FAQ section.

Not pictured: a full set of teeth.

Not pictured: a full set of teeth.


14 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Kaja…nice pics!!

      Have you been to India as well. Its lovely place and lots of monuments at your disposal.
      Howz Iran to visit as a traveller…


  1. Živjo Kaja… Hvala za poročanja, si kar predstavljam tole Azijo!

    Hvala 🙂 🙂

    Pozdravi iz Slovenije !

  2. Draga Katja,
    hvala za zanimiv blog, kateri mi je bil priporocen preko FB skupine. Naslednji teden grem v Nepal. Samo za 4 dni in sama. Po svetu sem se potepala pred skoraj 40 leti, in sedaj je to prvi “izlet” v neke tuje kraje. Ker sem v redni sluzbi in delam kaksnih 60 ur na teden, mi zmanjkuje casa za brskanje za koristnimi informacijami. Vesela bom, ce mi lahko das kaksen nasvet za tale kratek potem. Imej se lepo, kjerkoli se ze potepas.

    • Zdravo Ingrid! Uf… v 4ih dnes boste težko videli kaj več kot Kathmandu Valley, ampak na srečo je tam več kot dovolj stvari, vrednih ogleda 🙂
      Ponavadi bi priporočila eno noč v starem jedru Bhaktapurja, ki je res čudovit ob večerih, ko gredo vsi turisti nazaj v Kathmandu, ampak ne vem kakšno je stanje po potresu. Če vam je Kathmandu prevroč in preglasen se splača za kakšno noč v Nagarkot, malo vasico na obrobju Ktm Valley par ur vožnje iz mesta, s super himalajskimi razgledi in bolj hribovskimi temperaturami. Tam sem nazadnje preživela par zelo prijetnih dni v Hotel at the End of the Universe, s super lokacijo, razgledi in hrano.
      V samem Kathmanduju je pa Garden of Dreams, samo 5 minut peš od jedra Thamela, dobrodošel time-out v tem hektičnem mestu. Kolikor vem, Pashupatinath ni bil poškodovan v potresu in je vsekakor vreden obiska, medtem ko Bodhanath in Durbar Square še prenavljajo. Če se znajdete kaj na Freak Street, južno od Durbar Square (jaz ponavadi živim tam, v Third Eye Guest House, mi je dosti bolj prijetno od Thamela) pa nujno na tortico v Snowman Café, ki ostaja nespremenjen še od 60ih, ko je bil Kathmandu velika postojanka hippie trail-a in je tudi svojevrstna kulturna znamenitost.
      Upam, da vam je to kaj v pomoč, uživajte zaslužene počitnice! 🙂

  3. I stumbled across your blog the other day and ended up reading pretty much everything in it. It’s rare to find so much care taken over blog postings, and with such a fine literary outcome. I get the distinct feeling your efforts are by and large for your own entertainment, but that’s not to say they don’t strike a chord with probably far more people than you imagine. Keep writing!

    • Hey Dave, thank you so much for the encouragement, a much-needed pick-me-up during finals season!
      I’m always thrilled when I get more evidence for my conviction that people still have long enough attention spans to not run away shrieking from anything longer than 1,600 words 😉
      I write because I love to do it, and because I think good travel writing has a way of humanizing the world for those that read it. Of course I would at some point also like to start publishing “for real”, but between the travelling and the studies I haven’t gotten around to harassing any editors yet!
      Thanks for reading!

      P.s.: Sorry for the late confirm/reply, it looks like my auto-notification for comments isn’t working for some reason and I just found a big batch of long-ignored comments on my page :/

  4. Discovered your blog by chance, shared on Facebook by my Slovenian friend. I am absolutely loving it, good read for me in these summer days! Pozdrav iz Beograda!

    • Hey Ana, thanks!
      All this travelling and I still haven’t managed to visit Belgrade… I’m hoping to do a hitch-hiking tour of the Balkans next summer, I hear so many good things!

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