Looking back on a year of travelling less

As some of you might remember I started this year with a resolution – travel less.

I’m happy to report that I actually managed to stick to my resolution for the first time in my life. Which is almost like one of those inspiring stories of a 30-something homebody suddenly dropping everything to go, I don’t know, swim around the world, except in reverse? And much less inspiring (but also with fewer shark encounters).

I’d expected it to be a difficult transition, and it was – but often in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Continue reading

About Kaja Šeruga

Hi! I'm Kaja - Slovenian by birth, life-long traveller by parentage, lover of words at heart. This website was born in late 2014 when I got my degree in cultural anthropology and used it as an excuse to spend a year and a half travelling from Iran to Indonesia. Currently my MA studies are taking me from Berlin to Buenos Aires and Delhi and it doesn't look like the world will be running out of stories any time soon! Should we ever meet in person: Yes, I know I'm tall. No, I don't play basketball. (More in the About section)