A Postcard From Altyn Arashan, Kyrgyzstan

The sun’s rays have not yet hit the mountaintops as we stumble down the rickety stairs and collapse onto the hard wooden benches surrounding the dining room table, lured out of our warm beds by the promise of free pancakes.

At 6:06 on the dot an alarm goes off in the kitchen and Valentin bustles into the room to the tinny sounds of Beethoven’s für Elise, carrying a plate of steaming pancakes and a pot of black coffee, chuckling at the sight of our sleepy faces.
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Hi! I'm Kaja - Slovenian by birth, life-long traveller by parentage, lover of words at heart. This website was born in late 2014 when I got my degree in cultural anthropology and used it as an excuse to spend a year and a half travelling from Iran to Indonesia. Currently my MA studies are taking me from Berlin to Buenos Aires and Delhi and it doesn't look like the world will be running out of stories any time soon! Should we ever meet in person: Yes, I know I'm tall. No, I don't play basketball. (More in the About section)