Sooo… how does this thing work?

Oh, okay, it worked! So. Here we are. Welcome! Nice of you to drop by.

As those of you who know me are well aware of, I am embarking on a kind of overland, kind of slow-travel, kind of let’s-do-it-differently-this-time sort of ramble from Iran to Indonesia, which will probably take me a year and a half, and possibly quite a bit longer.

As for those of you who don’t know me, well, bummer. But let’s go for a beer sometime!

Now if you get the feeling that I might not have this thing wholly planned out yet, you are right. However, you might also be relieved to hear that this is not the story of a 20-something ingénue braving the big bad world for the first time, finding herself and faith in humanity along the way only to get almost run over by Javier Bardem right on cue for a happy ending. Should I ever start wandering off in that direction feel free to drop by and slap me silly. But knowing what you don’t want to write is a damn sight easier than knowing what you do want to write…. And this is where this blog comes in.

But I’ll write one of those introductory posts explaining who I am, what I am doing and why you should care at some point in the future, possibly while drinking something colourful and alcoholic on a beach somewhere – my plane is leaving in 15 hours, I haven’t finished packing yet, I should really go to sleep at some point and addressing those questions is just an existential crisis waiting to happen. So. Logistics!

Currently the plan is as follows: I am flying to Tehran tomorrow, where I am meeting up with my dad, who has spent the past two months riding his motorbike from Ljubljana to Iran. In what I hope will be a great way of easing back into the travelling mindset, we will spend a month discovering Iran from the mountainous north (weather allowing) to the southern deserts, taking full advantage of the freedom that only having your own transport can bring. Then we will load the bike and ourselves onto a ferry and head over to Dubai, where we will probably spend a night in the cheapest (but still horribly expensive) hotel we can find, chewing on toilet paper because going to a restaurant would mean certain bankruptcy. The next morning, grumpy and starving, we will point our bike in the direction of Oman and cross the border asap. In Oman my mum will join us for a couple of days of family fun. 6th of December marks the beginning of my own trip (because having my daddy drive me around feels like a bit of a cop-out) as I fly to Sri Lanka, leaving my parents to frolic on the photogenic sand-dunes of Oman.

From there onwards things get a bit fuzzy. The general idea is to head across India to Nepal, taking my time in Kerala and Tamil Nandu, and skipping the Delhi-Kolkata-Mumbai triangle of doom as much as possible, because once was quite enough. After that I will probably (but maybe not) just wind my way from Nepal down to Indonesia – Bangladesh, Burma and bits of the SE Asia backpacker circuit are bound to make an appearance. But all this is liable to change, as the beauty of travelling all by my lonesome self is that I can change plans on a whim, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Ha!

I think this will do for now? I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to work on this blog in Iran, but I’m hoping to whip this bad boy into a more presentable shape by mid-December, once I am in Sri Lanka…

But now it’s high time for me to finish packing my deceptively small backpack (a.k.a. the TARDIS) and hit the road.






P.S.: As for the current state of my blog – I imagine the blogosphere cringed at the genesis of this clumsy, stuttering, half-baked brainchild of mine. Seriously people, sorry.

Since I am a master procrastinator, almost completely devoid of any techy knowledge and, it would seem, a glutton for punishment, I am now in the awkward predicament of setting up a self-hosted blog a day before my flight. So. Serves me right.

In times of need Google is a girl’s best friend, but even so I seem to have a steep learning curve ahead of me, since my area of expertise so far has been the tipsy writing of letters in exotic locations. You know – pen and paper, occasional drawings of the fish I had seen on that morning’s dive. I have so far uncovered the meanings of such mind-boggling expressions as favicon, widget and plugin (the latter two vaguely familiar, but far from intimate acquaintances) and am reluctantly excited to explore this brave new world of cyber word-smithing. Unfortunately, this blogling will definitely remain a stunted eyesore until I reach Sri Lanka and probably afterwards as well… but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Right??



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