THE BEST OF RAMBLING DAYS: a completely subjective selection of stories

Whether you’re a newcomer trying to figure out what this blog is all about or an old friend on a procrastination binge: welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

Here you can find an eclectic selection of stories to get you started, ranging from research-heavy reportage to more literary pieces, with the dubious bonus of an introspective ramble on long-term travel fuelled by burnout and rum.

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(Which might sound like an exercise in futility given that I moved to New Delhi two days ago, but let’s start at the start.)

I’m a sucker for a clean slate, a new beginning. It’s the appeal of going alone to places where no one knows me, hoarding beautiful notebooks that I daren’t write into lest I ruin them, and making New Year’s resolutions that I’ve usually forgotten about by the time I’ve gotten over my hangover on the 1st of January.

But this year’s biggest resolution has been lurking in the back of my mind for a long while and has so far made it seven days past New Year’s eve unscathed:

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In the course of my travels I have grown accustomed to meeting fellow Slovenians in the strangest of places, whether they were walking across the Gobi desert, wreck-diving in the Philippines or building ships in Sulawesi. For a country of only two million people we seem to have a great knack for travel and adventure.
I’ve also grown accustomed to the fact that most non-Europeans (and many Europeans) who thought they knew where Slovenia was were in fact thinking of Slovakia. Continue reading