THE BEST OF RAMBLING DAYS: a completely subjective selection of stories

Whether you’re a newcomer trying to figure out what this blog is all about or an old friend on a procrastination binge: welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

Here you can find an eclectic selection of stories to get you started, ranging from research-heavy reportage to more literary pieces, with the dubious bonus of an introspective ramble on long-term travel fuelled by burnout and rum.

If you’d prefer something short and sweet head over to the postards section for a glimpse of the unknown, whether it’s a testosterone-soaked game of dead-goat polo in Kyrgyzstan, the guttural grunts of a glacier in Argentina or lunch time in a rock-hewn Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas.

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Looking back on a year of travelling less

As some of you might remember I started this year with a resolution – travel less.

I’m happy to report that I actually managed to stick to my resolution for the first time in my life. Which is almost like one of those inspiring stories of a 30-something homebody suddenly dropping everything to go, I don’t know, swim around the world, except in reverse? And much less inspiring (but also with fewer shark encounters).

I’d expected it to be a difficult transition, and it was – but often in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Continue reading

CHEAP EATS IN BUENOS AIRES: From the Best Empanadas to Vegan Buffets

Last week I rounded up all the free stuff to do in Buenos Aires and now it’s time to turn to another topic very close to my heart: FOOD! Continue reading